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Hatun Sürücü

Hatun Aynur Sürücü | Electrician
* 17 January 1982 in Berlin | + 7 February 2005 in Berlin-Tempelhof

Hatun Sürücü, was trapped in a web of traditions that gave rise to a system of humiliation, discrimination and violence within her family. Showing incredible strength, she fought for the freedom to lead a self-determined life.

As the daughter of Kurdish parents who had come to Berlin in the 1970s, Hatun rebelled against her family’s moral beliefs from an early age. Her father took her out of school and forced her to marry a cousin in Istanbul at the age of 16. Conflict and violence were the norm within her orthodox family.

When Hatun became pregnant, she managed to free herself from this forced marriage and moved back to Berlin. When her son was born, she took refuge in a home for underage mothers. A new life began for her. She completed her final school exams and trained to become an electrician. 

Hatun kept in touch with her family the entire time, but they never accepted the way she chose to live her life – Hatun was supposed to obey her parents and brothers and live by their rules.

At the time, the case sparked national outrage. It led to numerous political debates around providing more support for women in similar situations to Hatun as well as the need for increased awareness. As a result of Hatun’s murder, Ethics was introduced as a subject in Berlin schools in 2005.

Hatun was murdered by her brother when she was 23 years old because she wanted to have the freedom to live as she chose to. She attempted to free herself from her family, violent circumstances and cultural constraints and paid for it with her life. Hatun was a self-confident, independent and powerful young woman. She believed in herself and was passionate and brave in her fight for freedom. 

Hatun Sürücü was a warrior.